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Why do most people choose handmade carpet to decorate their home?


Why do most people choose handmade silk carpet to decorate their home? Because that the handmade carpets whether in craft skills, or in quality are better than the machine-made carpets. For a group of carpet outsiders, what should they do to distinguish between machine-made carpets and hand-made carpets? Now, let us help you to solve this problem.


First of all, we can identify from the backside of the carpet. The design is clearly from the backside of a handmade carpet. But the design cannot be seen clearly or even cannot be seen from the backside of a machine-made carpet.


Second, we can see the carpet pattern. A handmade carpet pattern is more complex than a machine-made carpet. So, the density of handmade carpet is higher than machine-made carpet. However, because that the handmade carpet is a handicraft work, so when you compare a handmade carpet and a machine-made carpet,you will find that the pattern of the handmade carpet is vivid.


It can also be distinguished by the color of the carpet, because the color of the handmade carpet is richer than the color of the machine-made carpet. The machine-made carpet color does not exceed eight colors, but the handmade carpet’s color can be found more than 30 colors, and the color number of some complex design handmade carpets can reach 100.

Finally, we can touch the carpet. The handmade carpet is softer than the machine-made carpet.

Hope that these can help you to find the handmade carpet better.



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