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Hand woven rugs and the Silk Road


The origin of hand woven rugs is closely linked to the history of the Silk Road.





The Silk Road began from Changan of China at 3000 years ago, went through Dunhuang, enter the tarim basin and the pamirs plateau. It is a trade road connecting East Asia, central Asia, Persia (now Iran), Turkey, ancient Rome and European countries. It likes a river running through central Asia. The Silk Road also linked India, Arabia, Mongolia and other neighboring countries and regions.



The commodity trade between the east and the west is transported back and forth through the Silk Road. Such as silk and spices from China and India; Crafts and native products from Persia and Turkey, etc.

Around 1000 BC, hetian and kashgar in the taklamakan desert and tarim basin, And now the uzbeks, rich in gold, silver and other precious metals and gemstones, it became the trading center of east and west countries on the Silk Road.



In that era, hand-woven carpets had begun to be traded as a kind of advanced craftwork.


The history of Asia can also be said to be the history of the rise and fall of empires and the migration of nations, such as the Mongol empire, the Alexander empire, the Seleucid Dynasty, the Persian empire, and the Mughal Empire of India. The evolution of these empires contributed to the cultural and technological exchanges between the east and the west.


Under the stimulus of all kinds of frequent trade, the ancient Silk Road developed into a hub for the production and trading of hand knotted oriental carpet. The Turkestan region of central Asia was where the Turkish nation lived two thousand years ago; this is the general name of the people living on the northern side of the Karakorum Mountain, which borders China and Pakistan. This is one of the birthplaces of hand woven Oriental rug. It is the cradle of Oriental hand woven rugs, and it is also the junction point of the Silk Road.


It is from here that through the Silk Road, the skills of hand woven rug has been spread all over the world. It was through the Silk Road that Chinese silk was shipped to the west. For centuries, Persia has been a transit point for China to transport silk to the west. Silk is gradually used in the carpet weaving process, become the most advanced raw materials, the hand-made silk carpet was born.



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