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Do you know who weave the hand made silk carpet?


You have seen a lot of exquisite workmanship and fine pattern handmade silk carpet. Do you know where are they been woven? And who weave them?

Each of handmade silk carpets is made in the farmers’ house of mountain area. Mountainous terrain is rugged, traffic is not suitable for popularization, the infrastructure construction is difficult, and the economic foundation is relatively backward. The people there depend on farming for a living, but they only have a little food to feed themselves, some of their children even can't afford to go to school. Weaving handmade rugs can give them some income to improve their lives.

During the harvest season, they harvest their crops. At the other time, they sit in front of the loom to weave carpet. They weave carpet at least 10 hours a day. Regarding the 30-50 years old weavers, they can weave around 6 square feet carpet per month. For the 50-60 years old weavers, they can weave around 4 square feet carpet per month.

Each of handmade carpet coagulates the painstaking effort of each weaver. Each carpet has a record that to be woven by which weaver. Each carpet you buy will improve the weavers' life, and can make their children get education.

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