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The Garden of Paradise Design of Hand Knotted Silk Rug


This hand knotted silk rug is designed with the traditional garden style, the river divides the garden into 35 square area. The tree, flowers and animals coexist in the ideal garden happily. The contents of each square area are different and can be independent of 35 fine pieces small rug. The animals are either in pairs, or two large and one small, lifelike and vivid, showing the happiness of love and family. The main boundary of this kind of garden carpet is usually quoted by the famous poet Hafez, who is regarded as god by the Iranian people, to add a poetic touch to the carpet.

The carpet color is rich and full, uses more than 40 kinds of natural plant dyeing, among them the royal blue, sky blue and dark green are hard to be imitated. The concept of "garden" is a perfect representation of the concept of "ideal heaven" in the carpet. Perfect in design and superb in workmanship, it is the masterwork in Persian carpets.

Product link: https://www.yilongcarpet.com/e/search/result/?searchid=587

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