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Tips for hand knotted silk rug


1, Briefly, rugs are made completely by hand, not machine, and the material is silk, not cotton and wool. Every rug is hand knotted silk rug in Yilong Carpet factory.

2, Hand knotted rugs from Yilong Carpet factory typically feature traditional designs that have been popular for centuries, and they’re made with high-quality materials and skilled handiwork.

3, A hand knotted silk rug from Yilong Carpet factory should be dense in feel, rich in color and clear in design. By looking at a rug’s backside, you should easily be able to see whether it’s hand-knotted or not. Hand-knotted silk rugs from Yilong have visible knots on their backside, whereas machine-made rugs do not reveal hand-knotted character on their foundation’s backside.

4, Although intricacy doesn’t directly reflect a rug’s quality, it can be a good indication of skill level and expertise when it comes to hand-knotted Persian rugs. The more intricate a rug’s design, the more likely it is that it came from a reputable and highly skilled rug production studio.

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