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Can you tell me something about China silk?


It is well known that silk is discovered in China as one of the best materials for clothing - it has a look and feeling of richness that no other materials can match. "A silkworm spins all its silk till its death and a candle won't stop its tears until it is fully burnt." This Tang dynasty poem accurately describes the property of the silkworm.

Despite technological development, a silkworm can only produce a certain amount of silk---1000 meters (3280feet) in its lifespan of 28 days. The rarity of the raw material is the deciding factor of both the value and the mystery of silk. Thousands of years have passed since China first discovered silkworms. Nowadays, silk, in some sense, is still some kind of luxury. Some countries are trying some new ways to make silk without silkworms. Hopefully, they can be successful. But whatever the result, nobody should forget that silk was, still is, and will always be a priceless treasure.



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