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Alice: Who will be my first customer in hand-made rug business?


I just worked in Yilong Carpet Factory 4 months till now. I’m totally a green hand in hand-made carpet business. From this month, I started to communicate with the potential buyers who are interested in developing handmade rug business. I wondered if my customer can grasp my meanings of my e-mail. I hope I’m lucky to find several buyers in short time. Who will be my first customer in hand-made rug business?


******Customer’s inquiry

I am willing to start as soon as possible, There are some details that need to be discussed, I need to know, do you have travel access to US?

Of course I will need inventory, most people will want to see, touch and feel product, rather order thru internet. These rugs are very expensive and it is more so an investment and purchasing something that expensive by looking at picture, I don't think we will get to many sells.

As everyone always want discount and cheap price I will need to know what is the cost price or lowest price available/cost price, so either one of us will not lose profit.

I will need to know as much as I can about each rug, its pattern and it's craftsmanship, so I can us as selling points to our customers.
All of this info plus more is needed but most of all we need to form a bond and create trust in each other as partners.
It would be the best for our business if you or a representative of your company can travel to US, for training/teaching me your selling techniques.

I will have to invest/get a license to sell to the public.

Until I have sold enough to open a shop, I am/will have to travel to trade shows and many outside events and open a booth, to sell at different events in Baltimore possible New York, on weekends, which is a 3 hour drive for me. I will include my wife as a partner to lessen overhead and expenses.
There is so much to discuss, I am feeling super excited to have this opportunity in starting a business like this.

******My replied email

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your email.

It is a good opportunity in selling handmade silk rugs now. Our factory will offer the products with the best quality and best price for you. And the market in US is very big.

Let me introducing our products briefly.

We have “Top-Turkey” Series and “Old-Persian” Series handmade silk rugs. The “Top-Turkey” Series have five different kinds according to the material and density, such as 260 lines silk on silk rug, woo/silk rug, silk rug; 230 lines silk rug and 200 lines silk rug. The “Old-Persian” Series has one kind, but it has many designs for customer choosing. All of them are handmade.

The selling points are handmade, not machine; and nice design and color; the most important is the best quality.

We will go to US lately and the detail selling techniques and knowledge of product will be taught to you.

As you said, most people need to see, touch and feel product, so you can buy some samples first. We also have nice picture album about our product. It will be sent to you with the samples. And you can learn the product from the sample and picture album before we teach you, it is very important.

We will let you know the lowest price, and both of us can get profit. The stock list will be sent to you when you need. We trust you, and please trust us.

Now please choose one or two carpets from the pictures as samples. We will give you discount about the sample. in order to save your money ,you can choose the small size.
Do you have WhatsApp or Viber? Please add me on WhatsApp or Viber:0086 156 3892 7921, we can talk about the business conveniently.

Hoping your reply

Best regards

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