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6 bales hand-made silk carpet sent to Japan



My boss Mr. Han said there are many big silk carpet buyers from Japan about 20 years ago. They bought hundreds of small size silk carpet like size 2x3, 2.5x4 and 3x5. Japan customers were very strict with quality. They only bought top-fine quality.

Maybe economic went bad these years. Maybe consumer’s taste has changed these years. There are few customers from Japan who buy silk carpets from China in the past 10 years.

Recently, some Pakistani and Iranian moved to Japan and they start to market hand-made silk carpets in Japan again.

Last year, I began to supply our silk carpet to a Pakistani in Japan. This is my first customer from Japan. I recommended him our A-Class silk carpet. But, he bought some C-Class silk carpets from us because of cheap price. I’m afraid that he can’t sell these C-Class silk carpet out in Japan market. But, this month, he placed the second order from me. Maybe, my worries are uncalled for.

Anyway, I suggested him to buy a small part A-Class silk carpet from us to test Japan market. He agreed my suggestion and the 6 bales silk carpet has sent to Tokyo today.

Anyone who wants to buy China silk carpets, please don’t hesitate to connect with me. I will supply you good service, good quality and good price.

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