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Knots used in oriental rugs


Knot weaving skill is the most widely used method of making a carpet. There are different ways of knot weaving but basically Persian knot and Turkish knot are one of the most popular ones. Turkish knot is symmetric, whereas Persian knot is not.

Persian knot

One piece of strand is wrapped around another warp yarn and then passed under its adjoining warp yarn. The two ends are brought to surface separately, creating better-look designs. Persian knots matches asymmetrically beside the other strings of a basis; the first nap yarn twists one string of a basis entirely whereas the second - only half only.


This 3x6m Persian knots handmade silk rug has been woven by 3 weavers and taken 7 months to be finished. Both pattern design and workmanship were praised by client.


Turkish knot
To form a symmetric knot, one piece of strand is wrapped over two adjoining warp yarns and both ends of the strand are then pulled back together to surface between the two warp yarns. Both strings of a basis are completely twisted with a nap yarn.


The workmanship of Turkish knot is more complex than Persian knots. To compare with a Persian knots silk carpet, the finish time of a Turkish knots silk carpet is longer, and the price is a little higher than a Persian knots oriental carpet.

Yilong Carpet can supply Turkish knots silk carpet and Persian knots silk carpet. For Turkish knots silk carpet, please go to the below link to check the carpet pictures:

Silk Rug
Wool Silk Rug

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