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An interesting day at yilong carpet factory


Today is a sunny day, we will have a trip to Yilong carpet factory ,which is in Henan, China. It has a long history. Many top fine handmade silk rugs are from Yilong carpet factory. As we all know, making a silk rug is not an interesting thing. It needs many steps, such as coloring the line, hand knotting ,and washing and so on.

First at all, we see the colorful silk. They are the basic of making a silk rug. So it is very important.

Then we go to the workshop, and there are many workers knotting the rug according to the design paper. They are making the rug in a skillfully masterful manner. Look, our lovely Sunny also want to try knotting the rug.

Look! What are they doing? They are washing the handmade silk rug. The rug is like a beauty, it becomes more beautiful after being washed.

Time flies, it is time to go home, Before we leave the Yilong carpet factory, let’s take a photo with the beautiful rugs.

It is an interesting day, and we not only see many nice handmade silk carpets, rugs and tapestries, but also learn more knowledge about the hand knotted silk rugs. We also hope Yilong carpet factory will make more and more high quality handmade silk rugs.

Welcome more and more friends all over the world will come to visit Yilong carpet factory.

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