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(2018-11-14) We Sent 1 Piece Art Deco Chinese Silk Rug to USA


On Nov. 14th, 2018, we sent 1 piece oriental art deco Chinese handmade silk rug to New York, United States.

Size: 4ftx6ft(122cmx183cm)

This rug surface is mainly composed of flowers and vines, most chrysanthemums, peony, longevity flowers and other flowers. The four corners are embellished with Persian flowers, meaning noble and romantic, rich and auspicious. The floral patterns on the rug surface are all upward-growth gestures, meaning that life is full of vitality and prosperity.

If you like our art deco Chinese silk rugs or any other oriental handmade silk rugs, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help find the perfect pieces!

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