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(2018-09-30) We sent 1 pc handmade silk rug to Galicia,Spain


On Sep.30th,2018, we sent 1 pc silk rug to Spain.

Size: 2.7ftx4ft (82cmx122cm)
At the end of September,we met a customer from Spain.

He bought one 2.7ftx4ft rug from us.This rug design is very famous,it is a reward design,a smaller size  of 2x3ft rug was given to the President of Serbia,and he liked it very much.
I am sure our customer from  Spain will also love this rug,the design is quite meaningful,green leaves represent hope and expectation for life.

If you are also interested in our carpets, please feel free to contact us.

We will find the perfect floor decoration for your home.

Lily Sun
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2.7x4ft handmade silk carpet

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