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(2018-09-21)Iranian carpet (Persian carpet) is considered to be the standard of excellent carpets in terms of technology and quality


2500 years ago, Iran, as a country that made gold, silver, and bronzes, Iranian carpet, which also called Persian carpet, weaving techniques also have a history of more than 2,000 years. It occupies an important position in the history of Iranian civilization. It is a vivid reflection of Iran’s long history and the intelligence and wisdom of Iranian people. Early in the ancient of the Silk Road, when China introduced silk and porcelain which is the Symbol of Chinese civilization to the Ancient Persia, the Chinese begin to learn the weaving techniques of hand woven carpets which representing Persian civilization. In the 17th century, Xuanzang mentioned Persian carpet weaving art in his records.

Persian carpets are considered to be the standard of excellent carpets in terms of technology and quality. It is distinctive with extremely complex design and line, played an important role in the development of carpet style. Persian carpets sometimes use geometric patterns, that is, the central area is represented by an abstract or stereotyped image. But the curves style is the most successful; it gives the carpet a special sense of poetry and natural spirit. Persian carpets use many elaborate decorative patterns, highly complex vines, medallions of various shapes, palm leaves and many elaborate decorative patterns. In the 16th century, the shiah's branch allowed the designs have more freedom of expression. The Persian carpet began to copy real flowers, animals and figures. Persian carpets use a wide variety of colors, but they are not ostentatious or conflicting. Many of natural colors are used in carpets. The artists carefully balanced them in different regions, red and blue are usually the main colors.

Nowadays, carpet weaving industry has been an important pillar industry of Iranian economy. It ranks second only to the oil industry in the country's foreign exchange earnings. The Iranians love the carpet, and their understanding of the carpet is beyond its use, and more cherish for the antique carpet handed down from ancestors. Walk into the Iranian family, hanging on the wall, spread on the floor, treasure in the box are the Iranian carpet. If wants to know the economic situation of an Iranian, it is often necessary to look at the Iranian carpet he owns. 


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