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“Cross-Border Friendship” because of handmade carpet


Trip is a good chance to make friends. Just like what happened in 2015 Shanghai Domotex.

I make a new friend in the exhibition. He is an old Afghan, who attended the exhibition by himself. He sale Afghan wool handmade carpet, and we sale handmade silk carpet. Our booth are in the same hall.


He attracted me because he can’t speak Chinese and without translator. It is very hard for him to sell carpets. I know he needs my help when eyes contact. I walked to him and gave him an apple at lunch time. His name is Farooqi. When I first walk into his booth, I was shocked. All the carpets were rolled well and placed neatly. All by a 50-years-old man. His booth is very colorful, most of them are Afghan wool carpet, but in the front wall, there was a tapestry. A mysterious woman hold a vase in the picture. I love this tapestry at the first look. 

I introduced myself to him and also my company-Yilong Carpet. He is interested in silk carpet and he knows our company 4 years ago, because many of his business partners have mentioned Yilong Carpet to him before. He love all handmade things. I invited him to visit our booth after helping him translating and packing. He said Afghan carpet and silk carpet are totally two different styles. Handmade silk carpet is softer and brighter. Especially our carpets, which makes him come up an idea that he want to buy some silk carpets from us and try Afghan market. (Till now, the feedback is very good. He buys another 5 packages after the exhibition. )

Time goes fast, it towards the end of exhibition. At the last day, Farooqi walked to me and sent me a packed gift. He said it is very thankful for my help these three days and very glad to make friends with me. After going home, I opened this gift, it is the tapestry I stared! I leave message to his Facebook and said I love his gift very very very much. He replies me that, it is the return gift for a sweet apple from a lovely girl.


I am looking forward to see my cross-border friend again in next year exhibition.

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