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Please pay attention to this hateful cheater Hasnain Ali from United States (2015-9-10)
Name: Hasnain Ali
(To put his name on Facebook, you will find him)
Company Name: Pakobel USA, Inc.
Address: 12304 SW 133 Ct, Miami, Fl 33186, United States
Tel: (786) 417-9948
Fax: (305) 233-5335

Hasnain Ali is from Pakistan. And his business is in United States. He lives in Miami now. He has other companies named “Walidads Inc”, “Rare Rugs LLC”, “Rug World Inc” and “Huda Rugs Inc”. He registered so many companies to do the behavior of swindle.

We know each other on Facebook at year 2012. And he gave us a good impression at the beginning. And we trust him. At September 21, 2012, we sent 4178 square feet our series C handmade artificial silk carpets with amount usd72336.9 to him, and we give him 90 days credit time. But until now, he has not paid us one cent. We cannot connect with him now.

To publish this article to remind other suppliers in the world don’t be deceived by him!

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