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Please pay attention to another hateful cheater Jalal Nasir from Singapore
Cheater Company: JALAL CARPETS
Cheater Address: 19 Tanglin Road #01-34, Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore
Tel: 8170 6907/ 6235 1477
Cheater Name: Jalal Nasir

In Singapore, there are many Oriental rug dealers. Accordingly, several hateful cheaters are in them.

Jalal Nasir, the small boss of JALAL CARPETS, is one of hateful cheaters in Singapore. This cheater is from Pakistan originally. He and his bad wife opened a small carpet shop in Singapore.

In year 2012, he came to Zhengzhou, China and cheated usd220,000 silk carpets from 3 suppliers. After he got those carpets, he and his wife closed their phones and disappeared from this world.

In 2013, cheater Jalal Nasir’s wife was died in a traffic accident. This is the punish for him from the God.

Now, Chinese government has pulled JALAL CARPETS & Jalal Nasir in black list. Both trip and business to China is prohibited.

We hereby remind other Oriental carpet suppliers from other countries like India, Afghanistan to pay more attention to this hateful cheater. He may go to other country to make cheating.

The following is this cheater’s photo and business card.



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