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Memo for All Textile Companies & Invidividuals (Swindler Exposure)

Memo for All Textile Companies & Invidividuals (Swindler Exposure)

Dear Sir / Madam,

We would like to inform all our business friends about Mr.Riccardo Fabio Zanetti of Lusopartes Portugal (www.lusopartes.com) and his partner Mr.Antonio Sa of Unispin Portugal (www.unispin.net) who are in the Textile Machinery business and have deprived our Indian customer of Euro 30,000 and another Pakistani customer of Euro 30,000.

This amount was taken as downpayment for 20 Picanol Looms currently running in M/s Ada Fios Portugal (Address: Lugar da Bouça, 4610-864 Vila Fria - Felgueiras).

Mr.Riccardo & Mr.Antonio along with his secretary Miss Ana are involved in the biggest scam in the Textile industry.

We have come to know from many of our friends and collegues that these 2 clients (1 Pakistani & 1 Indian) are not the first victims.

Mr.Riccardo and Mr.Antonio have scammed many companies from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The total amount he has deprived comes to an unbelievable Euro 900,000.

Please forward this e-mail to everyone you know so that no other person or company gets deprived and cheated of their money in future.

We are attaching documents along with this e-mail as proof of the fact that both Lusopartes & Unispin are cheaters.

For details please contact us below:
India (+91-944-373055)
Pakistan (+92-321-2434228)




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