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Please Pay Attention to the Hateful Cheater from Greece (2012-03-09)
Memo for all Persian Rug Producer, Exporter and Dealers (Cheater Exposure)
We would like to inform all our business friends about Mr. John Sifonios – A hateful cheater from Greece.
This hateful cheater’s contact method is as following:
Contact:Mr. John Sifonios
GALLERY ROYAL                  
OLD TOWN, 85100 RHODES,    
Phone: +30 22410 21912, 77658
Fax: +30-22410 23935
Mobile: +30 6946001216
On April 21, 2008, we sent him one shipment of Persian silk rugs. The invoice is YL786. The value is EUR58479.50.
It is March 9, 2012 today. Four years has past. This cheater still haven’t pay us.

We called this cheater many times and sent him many e-mails. We hope he can face to us and discuss how to solve his debt. Till today, no any response from this cheater. He is missing in this world!

We remind all the producers, exporters and dealers in Persian silk rug business to pay attention to this hateful cheater.
God will punish this hateful cheater strictly in one day in the future.
Wish this cheater and all of his family members go to hell soon with the money he cheated from us!
Yilong Carpet Factory


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