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On the way to achieve the goal of my handmade silk rug business


How time flies! Imperceptibly, I have working in Yilong Carpet Factory for 2 years. Incredible is here is a handmade carpet kingdom!

Hand knotted silk on silk carpet, spun silk rug, handmade wool silk mixed carpet, Aubusson carpet & tapestry with different qualities and various of designs all are available in Yilong Factory. I was deeply attracted by these beautiful Persian silk rugs. From then on, I determined to engage and do successfully in the handmade silk rug business.

The development of things is not as good as you think. I will never forget I did not sell out even 1 piece of silk carpet in the first of half year. Each time whenever I was down in the deepest abyss, my colleagues were always quietly propping me up. I really appreciate them for their support.

With our unswerving efforts, I completed 18 transactions, achieved my first sales target $100,000 in the first year, and this means my business of foreign trade just started.

Now I have a new goal. Hope my sales can reach more than $1,000,000 per year. When will I realize my handmade silk carpet business goal?

I believe that as long as I do my work fast & assiduously, and always be good at thinking perseveringly, one day I will be successful!


I am Sunny, and I am on the way to achieve the goal of my handmade silk rug business, how about you? Nothing is impossible. Come on!

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Welcome to buy handknotted silk rugs from Yilong Carpet Factory, and help me to complete my business goal. Thank you!

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